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Dalena Pangna

Dalena is a passionate physiotherapist who enjoys working with children of all ages and their families. She prides herself as a holistic practitioner who values the importance of considering multidimensional factors in treating any child.


Dalena has experience treating children living with cerebral palsy, autism, scoliosis, rett syndrome, spastic hemiparesis and other congenital disabilities.

No matter the diagnosis, Dalena treats every child unique to their goals, interests, family systems and community needs.

She loves to support each child reach their full potential!


Dalena is very familiar with the in-and-outs of the NDIS sector and continuously upskilling to support families navigate the system.

Dalena is a registered DMI (Intro Level A, B & C) practitioner.


Dalena has worked and volunteered extensively within the disability community, both as a disability support worker and in running community group programs for kids of all abilities. Between 2017-2019, Dalena coordinated the physiotherapy volunteer team for the Krazy Kosci Klimb which enabled children living with cerebral palsy and their supporting teams to summit the highest peak in Australia. She also enjoys volunteering on camps with Muscular Dystrophy NSW to enable children living with muscular dystrophies engage in

fun adventure camps away from home.


Outside of work, Dalena can be found mostly outdoors hiking and camping. She also enjoys training in Brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing.

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