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Bec McDonald

Bec is a physiotherapist with extensive experience working with children, having worked at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick for over 20 years.

She has been the Clinical Lead in Rehabilitation for 17 years,

and continues in this role one day a week.

Bec specialises in assessing and treating children with acquired and traumatic brain injuries. She also has a particular area of interest and expertise is Early Intervention, specifically gross motor delay (babies not achieving milestones) and plagiocephaly/ torticollis (babies with misshapen heads and head turning preference).

“I have a special interest in strength, balance and gait retraining, but also love helping any child achieve their gross motor milestones! It’s a privilege working in partnership with children and families to help them achieve their best outcomes and goals. I am passionate about maximising a child’s potential and ensuring they are active participants across all domains in life. I love my job!”

Bec is registered DMI (Intro Level A & B) practitioner. Bec is currently only one of two therapists (the other is Debbie!) in NSW certified to use PIASTM technique. 


She enjoys working closely with families to build their confidence in promoting opportunities for movement, learning and play. 

Bec lives in the Inner West with her husband and two boys, Lachlan and Oliver.

They love playing cricket and all sorts of games together,

as well as cooking up storms and entertaining friends.

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